Now that I have come to a finish on my Core project for Placing Photographic Practice in Context I can reflect on what and why I have chosen to base my project around.

I started of wanting to photograph the crime and prostitution around where I live in Hillfields but soon came to realize that this would be too much of a risk as I did not have enough time to build up a relationship with someone willing to help me in order for me to document this issue in the area.  I then decided to not choose a location first but something that I enjoy about Coventry and that’s when I thought about the Specials, a ska ban who started of their music career in Coventry in 1977. I really enjoy their music so was quite keen to find out more about them and their Coventry routes.

I done quite a bit of research into the places that they started of jamming in and doing their first gigs. I went to visit these places but it soon was clear it was going to be tough to get information from people as many didn’t know much about it and told me to go else where to find it out. I then watched their music videos and after watching Ghost Town I thought of the idea of photographing around Hillfields like my original idea but instead now photographing empty streets and colours/lights around this area. I got inspiration to do this from their music video as it showed them driving down streets and all the bright lights and colours throughout their music video.

I knew straight away I was going to photograph in colour film as this was the best way of portraying what I wanted too and getting the grainy film effect perfectly. The reason I chose to still photograph hillfields is because when I walk around the area I live barely anyone is around unless it students who live here in one of three main student accommodations in coventry or in their student houses. I only really see the locals when their in the pub down the road really, thus reminding me of a ‘ghost town’. The roads around where I live is mainly a ‘student town’ therefore being a ‘ghost town’ of its local people. I feel I have worked in an back to front way than that of the briefed asked too as I have researched more in depth into the band and music firstly than that of the actual site I have photographed. Although I have done this I believe it worked out better for my project rather than for example research the history of Hillfields or who lives here etc than what the real meaning and back story of my project was about, although I do think I have researched sufficiently into the area, although previously knowing a lot about it as i’ve been living here for over a year now.

Overall I am pleased with the final images I have produced and enjoyed working on the project although at time stressful. I am glad I chose to use colour film to create my images as I believe they show a more rawness to the photographs like that of the lyrics of the song, which I definitely wanted to achieve. As well as being please with my images I really enjoyed creating my first ever photofilm and glad it worked out as expected with the main song playing along side my photographs.


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