Interface group task on photographers websites’

Mario Testino


Easy initially because its categorised but when you want to do further research its archives well, not simple, confusing,


confusing, a lot of content, hard to navigate, distracting, flashing,


well known photographer, first link to come up

Mishka Henner


well listed, categorised  by years, simple, theme is clear, all the links are on the right side of the page. His work speaks for itself, it has a simple design doesnt have any fancy features.


Because of its simplicity its easy to navigate around the site and you can just browse and not get lost, you don’t get lost along the process of the browsing. you don’t have a structure that doesn’t change only the work. The navigation bar stays on the page constantly which is helpful


Work hard to find if you don’t know the photographers name if you only know the body of work. once you know the name it is the first link on google

Simone Massera 


Unclear to navigate around the site.


First page that comes up is a blank page with one image it throws you off if you’ve never seen this layout before, very interactive, need to click on the image to actually get into the site.


quite easy to find, first link that comes up. There are links to relevant information on the site

Maybe because we are on a photography computer its already in the bubble?!


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