Task 4: Negotiation

You should precipitate a live encounter with a stranger and make a series of images with that subject. During this process you should both depict the subject in the environment and at some point venture into the subjectʼs personal space, you should do this and come away with at least one personal story from them.

Do the exercise once without showing the subject the images, then share the work with them and make another set. Consider how this effects the power-relationship.

Use common sense when approaching members of the public. Provoking a fight, abusing subjects and/or getting arrested is not considered ʻGood or effective Photographic Practiceʼ in this context.

This week I had to photograph someone I didn’t know and get them to allow me to take a photo of them as well and attempt to photograph them within their personal space. I decided to make images of a guy working on a Windows stand in the hub at university as I walked past him several times before I actually approached him. He didn’t mind me photographing him but was quite wary about how to pose and stand but after I showed him the first image of him (the one where he isn’t looking) he then decided to face he camera. The story that I found out about him was that he had just been to the chiropodist and had had his feet massaged and treated as he was going to take part in a run coming up.

After I photographed him he said that in exchange I had to tweet about the Windows 8 demonstration/promotion stall was at the Hub in Coventry University which I found quite funny but fair at the same time as he did allow me to photograph him!

I really enjoyed this task as I found it quite easy to go up to someone who was a stranger and make conversation and felt quite comfortable in asking them to let me make images of them.



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