As part of my 252MC Digital Media module I have to produce three 10 photograph image sets demonstrating  Work, Rest and Play images that have been manipulated. I have started to think about what type of images I want to produce for these sets and have been photographing one concept this weekend. As a beginning idea for my Play image sets I want to photograph my subjects game avatar and take a portrait of them to compare their real life image and their online persona.

This is only a trail image and isn’t done extremely well but what I want to try and achieve is blending both my friends face and the face of their online persona together to make one final image. For this photograph I took a photo of a FIFA player and then of my housemate Maxie and combined the two. I need to ensure I can get both images with a similar expression and facing the same way in order to make it look as real as possible.

FifaMAXIE2small FifaMAXIEsmall

I think the top image worked better than the bottom one as the FIFA character is looking to the right in the second image so their faces didn’t really match. I want to expand on this idea and produce more real like photographs for my Play set of images.


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