I was approached by two Coventry University students as they knew I done photography asking if I could do a short interview/audition film for them for a new programme that wil be on TV – Sent to Cov. I decided to take this opportunity as it would be something new to try as I had never done any filming before. I did explain to the two guys that I had never done anything like this before and that I wasn’t particularly skilled in filming and editing film but I would definitely try and as they didn’t mind we went along with it.

So first of all I went round the boys house to find out exactly what they wanted to do in the film and where we would need to film and how long it would take. They told me they wanted to do some shots in their house, in their rooms and then also at university, as well as that they wanted to have short clips of them walking around etc.

A few days later I loaned out a camera and began to film. I started off on their house ‘interviewing’ them each they just spoke into the camera with what they needed to say for their audition. We had to take several takes as sometimes they just started laughing or messing around…which is understandable with guys! We finally got them two takes done and we decided to go out into uni and the town to do some more filming. I filmed them from behind whilst we were walking into uni so that we had some in between clips to fill in time between main cuts. Once we got into uni we went into the Hub and done some filming in there. I found it a bit strange as people were giving me weird looks for walking around filming these two guys but I just had to carry on and not let this bother me as I was on a job and needed to get this done to the best of my ability! We got all the shots we needed that day, although it did take up most of the day we got some good footage and the boys were happy with it so far.

The next day I met up with them again so that we could start editing it all down and chose what sections they wanted and what went where. We picked out the best parts and started editing. I decided to edit on iMovie as that was the only software I had on my mac to edit film. I wasn’t very good at using this as I had only used it once or twice before then but we managed to get it done. I did notice that the audio wasn’t that great as the only camera I was able to take out was the 5D mark ii and when filming with that there is an awful noise is makes. Especially when outside the wind was making such bad noises in the background that it kind of made the video a bit hard to listen too. The guys didn’t really mind as it was only a short clip to send in showing their life style.

Overall I did really enjoy working on this project as it was something I had never done before so I got to learnt quite a lot about something new within the media department. I think if I were to do it again I would try get an induction on an actual filming camera and use that so that the audio wouldn’t be as poor. I will also try and learn how to use a better editing software such as Final Cut Pro to edit the final clip. Although I know this clip isn’t perfect I am quite pleased with myself going to do something completely out of my comfort zone.


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