What does ‘knowledge is power’ actually mean?
Is it true? Does knowledge = power? Governments (especially in war time) have whole phalanxes of people dedicating themselves to obfuscation, trickery, propaganda and lies.

Advertisers persuade. Political parties spin and misrepresent. Entertainers create illusions. Activists spam, tweet and blindside. And all of this is happening digitally. And then there’s homage (check these modern propaganda in the workplace designs) and satire just to confuse/entertain us further.

This was what was discussed in our lecture a few weeks ago, how do we actually know if something is real or not, these days it is quite hard to judge what is and what isn’t the truth especially with all this new technology able to manipulate stories, images, videos etc in a mature of seconds and make it viral.

Most people report feeling powerless in society despite having access to information.

Now in 2013 we have a huge amount of access to information online on the internet. Access in both ways, we have access to information and people, strangers have access to information about us which we most likely do not want or want to even imagine. Mobiles phones these days even allow us to connect online in countries where they ‘control’ information but because of the internet and smart phones we are now able to view some of this information. Therefor authorities are finding it harder to control this.

There are so many fake videos put up on youtube which lead people to believe are genuinely real and situations that really did happen. Here are some awful videos that people actually believe…

Then videos that people still believe to be real, this was shown to us in class and I have to admit before my lecturer told me it was fake I did believe it when I first saw it when it came out viral.

As well as these little video clips people do for others entertainment we were shown a video of Jessie J in her bedroom singing. I have to admit before Mez (my lecturer) told me this I had no idea! So apparently Jessie J was contracted to act like she was a girl who sang in her bedroom into her webcam and uploaded her videos to youtube and found fame and success that way when in fact she was already scouted and with a recording label and these youtube videos were part of her contract!

A prime example of not knowing what is real or fake !!!


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