In one of my digital media classes we spoke about virtual reality and I was really shocked to find out that so many people got so involved with heir online games or online persona. I was amazed to find that some people actually believe that they become the character that they are playing online or on their xbox or ps3.

I found an interesting article on the Phycology of Video Games website about immersion in video games. (all these following quotes have been taken of the website; http://www.psychologyofgames.com/2010/07/the-psychology-of-immersion-in-video-games/ )

So, basically, the process starts with players forming a mental model of the game’s make-believe space by looking at various cues (images, movement, sounds, and so forth) as well as assumptions about the world that they may bring to the table. Once that mental model of the game world is created, the player must decide, either consciously or unconsciously, whether she feels like she’s in that imagined world or in the real one. Of course, it’s worth noting that this isn’t necessary a conscious decision with the prefrontal cortex’s stamp of approval on it. It can be a subconscious, on the sly, slipped into sideways and entered and exited constantly.

I find it extremely interesting that people can get so ‘immersed’ into their games that they can start to believe that they are real or that they are actually in the game themselves! We watched a youtube video in class where a few people (mainly children) were video recorded playing their video games and you can really tell and see them getting so involved in the game even yelling and getting agitated with the game.

Watching and reading about this virtual reality has make me wonder as  photographers we can manipulate certain things to have them perceived as what could be reality although really it could all be manipulated. I have already started working on my three sets of images but I think for my play set I am going to be manipulating my subjects face onto game play characters faces to show how sometimes people actually believe to be in the games themselves.


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