For my #PicBod images I am going to be creating a series of assisted group portraits as I really enjoyed working on was week 5 task, the empowered portrait as well as Anthony Luvera’s work where he assisted his subject in making images of them selves.

I have already  produced some images of my assisted group portraits, my image from week 5 and as I went home this weekend I took the opportunity to photograph my family and teach them all how to use my film camera also! The camera was set on self timer for 10seconds and then I let them photograph whatever they wanted. My mum really enjoyed this task taking a main role in the image making and telling my dad and brother what to do as well as getting behind the lens and making sure everything looked okay!

I really liked the repetition in the background in my week 5 task so I told my family to try and keep the camera in the same place to keep the background looking the same but that it was okay to slightly move it left, right, up and down if they felt like they wanted too. I think the images work better with a consistency in them, for example the poster on the wall in the first set and the light in the second image below.




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