Anthony Luvera is an Australian artist, writer and educator based in London. His photographic work has been exhibited widely in galleries, public spaces and festivals including the British Museum, London Underground’s Art on the Underground, National Portrait Gallery London, Belfast Exposed Photography, Australian Centre for Photography, Fotofreo and Les Rencontres D’Arles Photographie. 

Since 2001 Luvera has collated photographs made by people living in London who have experienced being homeless. Between 2006 and 2008 he spent time in Belfast researching the archive of Belfast Exposed Photography and creating the body of work Residency with homeless people living in Belfast. Through these and other projects, and the social relationships upon which they are based, Luvera explores the tension between authorship (and artistic control), and the ethics involved in making photographs about other people’s lives.

– http://www.luvera.com

AnthonyLuvera1 AnthonyLuvera2 AnthonyLuvera3 AnthonyLuvera4

Luvera’s work also was exhibited on the underground in 2005 which I think was a really good thing as he said his subject enjoyed seeing their work up on the underground for others to view. I intact remember vaguely seeing and remembering seeing some images and reading about this project back then but it was nice to learn more about him by him being a guest speaker at coventry.


What I really enjoyed about Luvera’s work was that he actually taught his subjects (the homeless) how to use the camera and all the equipment then assisted them with making images of themselves. I found that this make them feel more comfortable and move involved with the image making by seeing the photographs that he had taken. After I done my task 5 with Demi and I ended up teaching him how to use my film camera I found that I really enjoyed teaching him how to use it and watching him photograph himself and his friends with it. I also was very pleased with the end result images and the way I edited them into a grid of 16.


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