For my digital artefact  I will be showing my photographs on my website (www.melissacruzsantos.com) for people to view them. I was going to make a blog about it but thought it would look more professional having them uploaded to my website. I have also written a step by step guide on how to produce these Assisted Group Portraits if the viewer would like to create them themselves. As well as having this guide I have spoke about my work and project for picbod and why I have done it so that the viewer knows the reasons behind it.


I have placed each image below each other with the names of each of the people featuring in the sets of images. I done it this way because I didn’t want the way I presented it online to be the exact same as the way it was going to be shown in the exhibition. I also chose to add in the names of I think it looked a lot neater and worked better online than it did when I tried it physically.


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