Today I went to Fargo Village, where we are holding the exhibition to start setting up my photographs onto the walls ready for submission tomorrow and the opening night on Friday. Once I got to Fargo and saw the space I had been allocated I decided I had to use the second layout of having three images across and two down as when I visioned/tried hanging up two across three down it became to high to see the top two images or too low for the bottom two. So I thought for the best viewing experience having three across and two going down would be best suited for all heights of people to be able to see all the images comfortably.

The Exhibition Space

Hanging up my workDigitalArtefact2 DigitalArtefact3 DigitalArtefact4

The Final Layout Mounted on the WallDigitalArtefact5

I am really pleased with my physical artefact as the way I have presented it the viewer has to really look closely at each frame and then again within the frame look closely again to get the full experience of all the tiny images within the one main photograph. I think it has worked well placing the main photograph mounted on black card in the centre of the frame. I spaces all the frames equal distance from one another as I wanted to make it look as much like the actual image itself with everything being equal and the space well thought about.


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