Blogging notes from my notebook – January – March 2013

In our first meets of the new year and term in January (first meeting Jan. 11th)  we started to work on our ideas for the project, trying to really narrow down what we wanted to do. The Media and Journalist members of our group interviewed  the Hereward students where as I documents the few hours we spent with them. I really enjoyed standing back and documenting the students doing their work, talking to my project partners or to their tutors as this was them actually naturing not posing for the camera but showing them in their true light. I really enjoy this type of photography as I like to document real life situations that are not staged or posed.

As well as photographing I also worked alongside them trying to come up with ideas of what they would like to photograph to show what they struggle with with their autism. For example one girl wanted to talk about how her story and novel writing really helps her with hers as she feels escapism when she is writing. Its her true passion so she wants to include this in her image. All the Hereward student got given new compact digital cameras. As a few students were a bit unsure of how to work with all the functions on their cameras I was asked to help them with this which was really helpful to me as I got a bit of an insight into teaching ‘basic photography’. I have to admit I am not the most patient person so I didn’t really enjoy this as much and definitely realised teaching would not be my career path! I also taught them briefly how to use a DSLR as they were really intrigued in my camera, this was quite fun as I let them have a go photographing each other with the camera.


We have still been meeting the students most Friday lunch times we havent really progressed much with the ideas but are slowing narrowing down on some.

In the last meeting we worked alongside with the Hereward students as we tried to start narrowing down what the zine story individual photographs were going to look like. I worked along side a few students individually to help them with their ideas for images they wanted to produce for their own specific pages in the zine.

– We have come to a decision between the cov uni students and the Hereward tutors that in the Zine each student with have a few pages to themselves with a ‘profile’ picture of them as well as a written piece about how their autism affect them.

I have been looking at the photographs that the students have been taken during the past weeks and gave them pointers on what they could do and what worked with their images. As an example one of the girls I am working with her friends are a major part of her life and helping towards her autism so I suggest she take her camera everywhere she goes to document her life with her friends. One week she came back with very few images of just headshot of some of her friends but I explained to her maybe what else she could do. For example I suggest she take her camera to one of her parties and photography constantly throughout the night to capture every moment that make her happy or where she was comfortable and that I wanted to see more ‘scenery’ images and not just head shots. When She came back a few weeks later she had loads more photographs to show me and they were really good, I was really impressed with them. I made sure to tell her to keep them safe as we could include them in her final image if she would like too.

I really enjoyed helping her out with how to go about photographing what she really wanted to show. I feel as if I made her feel more comfortable behind the camera and not to feel why when photographing her friends but just to get everyone involved. I hope that she will take this on with her even after this project where she feels more comfortable to do this and not to hide her camera away when she feels the need to document something she finds interesting.

HerewardFeb8.4 HerewardFeb8.3 HerewardFeb8.2 HerewardFeb8.1

Begging’s of March

We have been making the trips to Hereward College to work the college students on more production work and ideas. We have had serval discussions just with me and my coventry project team as well as with the Hereward tutors and the Hereward students. We have come up with final ideas for each students image as well as their written piece to go with the image in the fanzine. Once we come back after the easter break we will start to produce the final images. I am hoping everything will go to plan with our ideas but am already preparing for some to possibly change. I am really excited to come back and start shooting the students and hopefully we get some great images out of it!





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