Back from easter April notes;

In the last few sessions after the easter break me and my group have had with the Hereward college students we have just constantly been progressing with ideas for the zine and the exhibition. Me, Chris and Hollie have all been producing images for each individual students surrounding their issues with their autism. We have worked in the studio as well as on location with the shoots.

I have found that a lot of the ideas we originally had haven’t worked out at all and we have had to come up with better ideas surrounding some of the students themes. It has been quite hard at time as some of the group members haven’t been able to turn up to all the meeting therefor hindering some progression but we have been able to work past that. As well as group members not turning up some Hereward students miss some sessions which also delays our deadlines a bit as we are not able to photograph them on the days we have planned on.

I do feel that in the past few weeks I have become quite attached to the students and built a really good working relationship with all of them. I really enjoy working along side them and photographing each individual student as I feel I have gained their confidence and trust. I find that they definitely feel more at ease with me now and will willingly come up to me for a chat or some advice.

IMG_0002IMG_0004 IMG_0005IMG_0021IMG_0025 IMG_0026

When photographing Me, Hollie and Chris have all taken turns in being the photographer and assistant helping out with the shoot as it seems only fair so everyone can have a go in the studio photographing as well as assisting. Once we have all taken some images we all decided that it would be best to chose the most preferred image and use that as the final photograph for the student.

Hereward2 Hereward3Hereward5

We have decided to have a portrait main photo of each student, which will kind of look like a ‘profile picture’ and then along side that main photograph there will be the piece of writing written by the other Cov uni students explaining how their autism affects their life.

As well as their ‘profile’ picture we are creating a more artistic image where in some cases we will combine our photographs with the students to create an image which shows how autism affects their life. We are portraying this in photographic form as well as written form as we are putting together an exhibition of all out work at the end of it.

An example of one of the students ‘artistic’ photographs will be a girl, who I actually mentioned in a previous blog post, who really enjoys writing stories and novels so we have produced an image where the whole background is black with a spotlight just lighting her up and her with a book in her hand. Then from an interview she had with the journalist/media students we will photoshop a quote from that onto the book on the image or some up with a more creative design to the photograph.

me taking that actual image

me taking that actual image

I have enjoyed working as part of a team so far although at times it has been tough I have learnt quite a lot especially as its quite a big important project I have learnt you need to really step up your game and work extremely hard to produce the work needed. You cannot always rely on others and they will let you down and then you need to pick everything back up asap. It has been great collaborating with my group as we all do different types of media courses we have all been able to help each other with our work which has truly been great, we get many different ideas from one another helping us work toward the best we can produce.

The Team (missing Hollie)

The Team (missing Hollie)


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