We are coming towards the end of the Hereward project and we are now finalising our images for the zine and exhibition. So far we are in the process of producing every Hereward students ‘profile’ images which Chris is wanting to shoot. These are just simple head shots taken on a white background in the studio. These images are to go in the zine along side the written articles on each student. I have tired to assist Chris where needed throughout these photographs but he is really strong minded in what he wants to do so I found it a bit challenging working alongside him at times.

Chris wanted to reshoot some of these images as we had taken some already so we had to re shoot some students portraits.


As well as these head shots being taken me, Hollie and Chris have been constantly working on their photographs for the exhibition. Each student will have one image or serval produced for them to be featured in the exhibition. I have been focusing on around 3 students for this part of the project. As well am me working on these students I am working on  the documentation of the project. I much prefer the documentation style of photography than that of photographing for the students themes.

I am currently working on these themes ;

Student 1 – queues, going into shops/pubs – situations where there are many people around as this student doesn’t find these situations comfortable.

Student 2 – points of help – photographing signs that tell you want to literally do as he doesn’t know where or when to ask for help from people.

Student 3 – his bag – this student carries around a huge bag around with him everywhere with everything imaginable in there as he feels the need to have items for every situation possible

I have to admit I have found this project quite challenging at times because I found myself a bit lost within the project in several situations. I think I need to step up and say exactly what I think and tell people that if I want to do something that I am going to do it instead of just letting them going ahead with it.


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