One of the fashion students approached me asking if I could shoot a 60’s themed photo shoot for her project to create a look book as well as images for a shop. So last week was the day of the shoot which was in the Transport Museum in Coventry. I was quite excited about photographing in here as it was quite a different and unique location.

We got to the museum quite early around 8am so that we would have time to shoot before they opened to the public. As soon as we got in there I took a look around to see where would be good to shoot in relation to where the fashion student (Hazel Jenkins) wanted the images to be, by specific cars etc. I have to admit it was quite hard working in this location as it was a museum the lighting was really strong and harsh, not something I was used too. As well as that there was all the typical museum items laying around like plaques explaining the cars etc which was actually quite hard to photograph around as certain ones didn’t move. Some of the cars we weren’t allowed to use or lean on which made it also a bit awkward when shooting as I didn’t  want the model to look odd int the image. These were all issues I had to over come when I had got there and on the spot most of the time. A lot of the shot the fashion directer wanted it to be photographed from above and as I am quite short I had to improvise and ask the museum manager if I could use some ladders to shot on as that I could achieve this point of view we needed to get.

Overall I think the photo shoot went well although I would have liked to of had an assistant with me to help out with a few things but I did think it ran quite smoothly me being on my own. I was glad with the obstical I had to face at the time as they will prepare me for the future when I am working on other location shoots that are the most idea. Hazel Jenkins’ was pleased with all the images produced so I am relieved my ‘client’ was happy with all the photographs from the day and able to use them for her look book as well as give them to the shop.

Here are a few sneak peaks of the photoshoot…

Fashion Director; Hazel Jenkins

Models; Charlotte Byrne, Jason Richards, Ross Bates,  Rushelle Burnett

Fashion assistant; Khushali Patel


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