Yesterday I went over to Hereward college as I didn’t get a chance too last week as I was in London having to sort out some other things. I got filled in what happened on Friday which was helpful as I catched up on all the new images produced etc. Whilst I was in London I was working on this Project, working on the themes of crowds and points of help as I thought London was a good place to photograph both these topics.

Anyway, so I went into the college today so have a meeting with the college tutors and to show them my work, which they liked and thought would work well with the themes we had come up for the students. As well as showing my work I got to see the work of the other photographer had done whilst I was away. I really enjoyed seeing their photographs and was really nice to start seeing some final images being produced.

Me, Chris and Sam (it was us three who traveled up to Hereward yesterday) and the three tutors discussed more in depth all the final images and articles for the fanzine as they wanted to make 100% sure we were all on track for all our deadline meets.

After we all spoke I met up with one student who’s image I was able to take as I hadn’t seen him in a while so I managed to photograph him yesterday. This student was about the theme surround his bag and all the items he carries around with him. As per usual he had his bag on him so I asked him to empty it all out onto the floor and show me exactly what he had in it. Me, Chris and Julie then all collaborated with ideas to what we could photograph and we came up with just simply photographing his bag on the floor with all his stuff ‘falling’ out as if it was spilling out because the bag wouldn’t fit any more in side of it. I took the shot and have now started to edit it to make the final image!

I have just completed editing the photograph I was talking about earlier (of the overfilled bag). I am really pleased with the outcome. What I done to the image was in photoshop…

– I made another layer

– dragged the same image on top of the original background image

– stretched the image so large that only half of the items in the bag were now in the frame at the top of the photograph

– right clicked and went into blending options and blended both images to make it look like just one with a lot more stuff coming out of the bag.

…hopefully Mandy, Julie and Paul like it!


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