Today I had two fashion shoots planned, one of them was for a fashion Student, Khushali Patel. I have worked with her before so I am glad I have already started making contacts with other departments here at university, and it shows that she liked my work before which is promising. She told me that her shoot was going to be around 3 outfits all made from shirts and trousers, which I instantly was intrigued by and wanted to see what she had made! I booked out the studio from 9am-1pm today as I had to do another shoot after. I told Khushali if she was free to do the earlier slot as I planned two hours for each client. I asked Khushali to get to Ellen Terry around 9.15 so that I had a bit of time before they got there to get into the studio and prepare myself as this was my first solo shoot. I had asked Caroline Walker  if she could assist me in the shoot as I was a bit nervous to do my first own shoot in the studio as I wasn’t that confident with all the lighting equipment yet.

Once Khushali got in with her models we had a bit of an issue. One of the models got nervous when she saw the studio and decided she didn’t want to be photographed anymore. I tired to make her feel as comfortable as possible and even suggest taking one or two tests shots (which I had to take anyway) and then show them to her to see if she liked them…she really didn’t like being in front of the camera and decided she wanted to leave. I have to admit this was really annoying/stressful as I knew I was working on a tight time schedule! Khushali quickly made a call to another model she knew (who I have also previously worked with) and she was luckily able to come in and fill out for the previous booked model. I suppose these are the difficult situations I will have to face when I start working in the real world and I am actually really glad now that this was thrown at me because I got to deal with a real life situation which was quite stressful but I think I handled it quite well with trying to make her feel comfortable and taking just take one shot of her to see how she felt about it. Although she still didn’t want to carry on it was quite lucky we quickly found another model…which I’m sure it wont be as easier to do this on a high scale fashion shoot! …but hopefully then the models are being paid and wouldn’t do that!

Whilst we were waiting for the other model to come I started shooting the first model in her garments. I managed to get all the lighting right pretty quick which was good as at this point I just wanted to get on with photographing! We put on some music so that it wasn’t as quite and it also made the model feel more comfortable in front of the camera. We straight away got some good shots that Khushali was pleased with. I made sure to constantly show her what images I had taken to make sure that she liked how it looked on the camera and also to see if she wanted her model to change poses and positions and some of course didn’t work as well as others.

Once the second model arrived we started to do double photographs with them both in the shot, which worked really well. I really enjoyed working with two models in the shot at the same time. I directed them to do several different poses to see what worked out better for what Khushali needed.

Overall I had a good learning experience with this shoot, especially with the small issue at the beginning and I will definitely carry on how I acted in that situation with me onto my future jobs.  I am also really glad I got to learn how to use the studio on my own and next time hopefully I will be confident enough to go in on my own.

more photographs on – http://www.melissacruzsantos.com


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