After todays meeting at the college me and Chris decided to go back to our university building, Ellen Terry to start deciding exactly what sizes the exhibition photographs should be printed at as Mandy and Julie wanted us to go to the print buro next week to print off all the images for the up coming exhibition. Mandy and Julie decided it was much more cost effective for us to print the photographs here as printing within the university is much cheaper than going to a printing shop. We were told to print out the final images on glossy paper and also on foam board.

So me and chris spent a few hours in Ellen Terry deciding what images to print out and what sizes would work best. As the actual location of the exhibition is still unknown I found it quite difficult to think in my head what sizes certain images should be as I didn’t know what kind of space I would be putting them up in.

I suggest to Chris that it may be a good idea to print out all the profile images of each student to go above the article the other students had written. I thought this would be a good idea because as some of the exhibition images didn’t actually include the students in them so this would give the viewer a clear image of who the student actually were. Chris agreed with me that we should print these off but in a smaller size compared to all the main photographs. As the profile images were square we decided on 30x30cm each so that they would over power the main ones.

As well as printing off these smaller I decided I wanted to print off all my documentation images of in a similar size as I envisage them spread across the exhibition space in-between the main photographs to show the progress and process of this project. I think this is very important to the viewer as it will show them an inside view to what we actually done throughout the project. It will show them the ‘behind the scenes’ point of view of this whole project. It will as well show the interactions of the student with each other, their tutors and as well as with us Coventry University students.

After quite of a lot and long discussion me and Chris finally agreed on all the images sizes to be printed. It was worth all the time and effort we put into it as they will hopefully come out great and something we are really proud of!

We will be having another quick meeting Monday morning before we both go over to put in the printing forms.

This was me and chris trying to work out the sizes of the images to be printed…with A4 sheets of paper! …when you have nothing else at hand A4 sheets of paper come in handy!



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