Yesterday as well as the morning fashion shoot I had another one straight after that Jenny Swerdlow  asked me to shoot. She has made a selection of Tie Die T-Shirts her self and is wanting to sell them on E-Bay so she asked me if I could photograph some models in them for her. Of course I was willing to do this as I knew I would get more experience in the studio and have to work and direct and different type of shoot. We had three models for this shoot two boys and one girl (Jenny had to model for this as the female model also pulled out the day before!).

As these images were going on eBay to be sold I had to think about how they viewer would be seeing them as it was an item of clothing they wanted to buy. I know when I look for clothes online I want to know exactly how it looks so from the front, back and close up. We decided to do all these types of shots so that Jenny could put them all up on her eBay page. It was really fun working on this shoot as the models were nice and easy to work with and also confident in front of the camera. It actually didn’t take as long as initially thought it would last. It was really nice to have a photo shoot without any problems after the one in the morning.

Here are some of the photographs taken, you can see more on http://www.melissacruzsantos.com


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