After working on around 5 fashion shoots for my professional experience I have actually found out that I do really enjoy fashion photography. I used to really love doing fashion when I was younger doing my A Levels but soon got bored of it and by the time I got to university and I had completely gone off it. I am really glad I dipped back into fashion during this experience because it taught me a lot more about it than what I already knew, which was one of the main points of doing this module/experience. As well as finding my passion for it again I learnt loads of new skills which I will take on with me in my future not only in fashion but for every type of photograph I will end up doing.

I finally learnt how to use the studio correctly working with all the lights in there, as before I wasn’t confident at all with being in there working on my own. On my first photo shoot in there I asked another photographer in my class if they could assist me as I didn’t want to get there and not know what to do and look unprofessional in front of everyone. On top of learning how to use the light kits properly I really learnt how to direct shoots as well, for example one was for items to be put on eBay for sale so I had to photograph in a way that the eBay viewer would be able to see the garment clear, type of material, how big it was, front, back, close up, far away…etc! I enjoyed trying out knew directing skills when working on all my jobs.

As well as learning all that I found out how to use many new photoshop techniques when editing my images, even small things like how to make sure an image doesn’t get scaled down and lose quality. I also learnt better ways of editing the colours, lighting, saturation…etc.

Overall I have enjoyed my fashion photography professional experience and it as taught me skills that I can now carry on with me to help me further my career when being called in to work on projects or other shoots. Although fashion may not be the direct line of work I want to go into I think by having these experiences and this new portfolio of work it will really help me show my talents to future clients. I have really built up my portfolio with work that I am proud off and can now feel confident to show it off in order to try get some paid jobs. As well as all this good stuff I have learnt of course there have been some obstacles I have had to over pass one of them being of course when a model decided to walk out on a shoot  but these are problems I will have to face in the future and I am actually quite glad I have come across one of them already as now I will know how to react in those types of situations.


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