So today me and Chris met up in the morning to go through all the images we have and make sure they were all the right size for when we went over to the print bureau. We had four sheets of images to print, which was quite a lot and George was a bit shocked! Me and Chris were already prepared for the amount all this would cost to print…but it was quite a shock to how much it actually all came too!!

The reason why it is so expensive is because the Hereward staff want all images printed on lustre for the exhibition and then printed again on board to take around with them to other schools to show. Because the price was so high  I have emailed Mandy and Julie informing them on this and we are now having a meeting tomorrow at 10.30 to discuss all the pricing and if it is really necessary to print every image onto board and some may not be needed, especially the larger photographs. I am going to propose to them that the larger scale prints we half the sizes or even make them smaller so that it is also easier to carry around with them as some are 150cm width…that is not an ideal size to carry from school to school! It will also bring down the costs dramatically!

I have had a lot of fun curating this exhibition ad going through all the sizes of the images trying to figure what will work best and look good in the exhibition. I have never had the opportunity like this to curate an exhibition so I have learnt some more about this process which I will take with me for whenever I come into this situation again where I can put forward my skills.
priting priting2 priting3


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