I have managed to get myself a place working at a summer camp over in America this summer which I am so excited about. I will actually being working in the media department of the camp working as one of their main camp photographers. I know that I can’t include this into my current module as I haven’t actually started my placement there but I think from this experience I will gain so much more knowledge in photography as I will be constantly working for two months with it.

My actual role at camp will be documenting the activities in camp for their website so that the parents of the students can see what they children are up to whilst there and make sure their having fun. I need to make sure I photograph the kids in a certain way for example…they cannot really be seen on their own looking lonely/playing on their own as of course the parents want to see them interacting with the other kids there. As well as working on the photography I was told I may be asked to help make videos during the mine there as I am part of the media department so will be included in all media jobs.

I will definitely gain so much experience during my time over there not only photographically but also with my social skills as I will be in constant contact with the kids out there as well as the professionals working in the camps media department. I will be working over there for 2months exactly so will be a great opportunity for me to hopefully see where I want to go with my professional life and career.


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