7th-19th June

So this summer I have decided to come over to America to work at a summer camp for kids. I’ve currently been here for nearly two weeks…and so far its so much fun! I was really nervous before getting on the plane but then I found around 10 other people were on the same flight as well so we all chatted and when we got off there were so many people at the airport waiting to be picked up so it was all good.

I am working on the media team and my role is camp photographer but I have already learnt so much new stuff within videography, working with green screens etc. I am super exited for the kids to arrive on Sunday, there will be around 500 of them coming as well as all the staff aprox. 200…its going to be very busy!

Everyone at camp is so lovely and friendly and everyone makes you feel at home which is great…seeing as I will be here for just over 2 months at camp! I’ve already met so many people from all over the world as well, Australia, Hungry, England, America, Spain, Porto Rico, Mexico…and many more.  Today I moved into the cabin I will be staying in for the rest of my summer here. I will be living with 5 other cabin councillors/activity staff as well as 9th graders (14 year old girls).

In the media department there are 5 of us, me, Ellsse, Kirsteen, Leonie and Heather. We each have our own strong points which is really useful as we can teach each other new skills. As the media department we have to…photograph every single kid every day, edit and uploads the same day, create an ‘Echo Cast’ video to be shown every sunday. This is a funny 30/40min vid that recaps what has happened during the week, we can have skits of the kids, joke of the week, include what the staff have done etc. As well as doing that we also have to teach lessons to the kids, for example we can teach them how to use the cameras, send them on a photography scavenge hunt, do green screen work with them. We have quite a lot of work to do and some pressure as we have to capture every single thing practically but I think this will be a good challenge for me as well as enjoying myself with this experience.

So far camp has been great, all the activity staff/specialist arrived a week before all cabin councillors (I’m activity staff/specialist). We were all trained in our areas so for example, athletics (basketball, football, gymnastics…etc), adventure (zip-wire, high ropes…etc), life guards, Media, Horse riding…etc. The following week when the cabin councillors we all have been doing team building activities and being taught games we should do with the kids.

– We’ve done so much I cant write it all…!!!

We’ve had movie nights, camp bonfire at night, trips to the mall, walmart, went to buffalo wings for dinner…so much stuff!

The weather has been crazy here, some days are crazy hot and really sunny and then some days the rain is mad! There is so much of it an thunder…one day we were told we had to stay inside and not leave because it was so bad! – scary!

Tomorrow we have a night off as then friday off as well so all the staff are travelling on buses to New Paltz in the state of New York to go for a night out, we will be staying in motels and then chilling friday…should be good!!!

Here are a few picture of my time here for far…I will be keeping you guys updated on my time here…and try remember everything to write down! 🙂



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