Tell the story of your journey to school. Bring it to the first session to share.
– If you don’t go to school, tell your journey to work, or to anywhere for that matter.

So for my pre task I decided to photograph my journey walking to uni/town centre. I decided to take the approach of photographing on my phone as I didn’t  want to make it really obvious I was taking pictures of people at close distance. I knew as I left the house I wanted to take pictures of people who were walking toward me on the path so that the viewer could see some of the people who passed me on my way. As well as taking photos I decided to voice record my journey on my phone because I thought it would be quite interesting for the audience to hear my journey as well as see it so that they could feel as much part of my journey me. I actually found that I preferred recording the sounds from my journey rather than photographing it!


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