For my first Working with Photography in context class I was asked to choose six of my favourite images that move me in some way and from those six to then narrow it down to my one favourite image.  These were my chosen photographers and images from these bodies of work. 

Joel Sternfeld – On This Site



Nan Goldin – Guido Costa


Rinko Kawauchi – Illuminance


Stephen Shore – American Services


William Eggleston – Chromes


The reason why I chose these six specific images were because mainly I really enjoyed the photographers  body of work as a whole and liked most of the images from it. I picked these ones because of the tones in them, one specific part of the images (e.g. the writing) and the way they made me feel. Out of these six my ‘favourite’ image/body of work would have to be from Joel Sternfeld, ‘On This Site’ the image where it reads

‘when you takes someones life you forfeit your own’

Although in this image you know straight away that something has happened in this scene unlike most of his images from this body of work where you dont, I think it was those words written on the wall of the building that ‘spoke to me’. Just knowing what happened at this scene really made me think loads about the image and I think this is why I was so attracted to his work.

The story behind this particular picture is

Malice Green dropped off a friend in front of this suspected crack house right before he was stopped by two police officers. After Green was asked to produce his driver’s licence and registration, a struggle ensued and the officers beat him to death with three-pound flashlights. The beating continued even after
Green had been handcuffed and an ambulance had been flagged down.

Larry Nevers was found guilty of a second-degree murder and sentenced to twelve to twenty-five years in prison. Walter Budzyn, convicted of the same crime, was given eight to eighteen years.

I think it is quite a hard task choosing just six of my favourite images because I have so many and so many that have no similarities to others so narrowing down was quite hard. If I was to do this again in a weeks time my images would all probably be different again because there are just far too many photographs I am attracted too. I also found it particularly hard choosing one image as a posed to a body of work. I like to look through several images of a photographers work as tend to like pictures in a series and sometimes not just one on its own.

We were also asked to choose one of our favourite images that we have taken. I really couldn’t choose just one because some photographs I was proud off where as some I really enjoyed looking at them because of the feeling/emotions they gave me. 


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