Working alone, you should choose one of Michael David Murphy’s “Unphotographable” posts and create a multimedia narrative. You should use your own images, new or from your archive and you should create an accompanying soundscape.

For this task I decided to use this unphotographable passage,

This is a picture I did not take of a promise, a repeated photographic promise, the kind I usually make when I’m out in the city with my camera, when I see something I want to photograph and say, “I’ll get that on the way home,” but as far as routes go, I prefer loops instead of out-and-backs and rarely return home the same way (even though I know there’s a string of pictures to take if I did), but inevitably, there are new things to see, new shots to take or pass by, and after a few months of this, the city becomes not just a visual map of all the things you’ve photographed, but of all the places you haven’t — the views you’ve passed by because you were running late to meet a friend you hadn’t seen in months, or because you wanted to save something for next time (if you didn’t save a shot for next time, perhaps there’d be nothing to shoot next time), or maybe it just feels better to know that there are places out there waiting for you, waiting for you to arrive when the light is a little bit better, when the wind dies down, when you put the viewfinder to your eye and everything looks exactly perfect.

The reason why this specific ‘photograph’ appealed to me was because when I spend my 3 months in America there were so many photographs I wish I had taken, one in particular that always pops up in my head is of a man begging in the middle of a busy road in New York. I remember the car I was in stopped right next to the man and I didn’t quite know where to look and I did feel like I shouldn’t photograph him but now I really regret it as I know it would have been a great picture. I guess I felt morally wrong taking a photo of him?

As well as in my trip to america I do find myself leaving images I could have taken behind because I feel I will find something better, especially when I am shooting in film which is what I have been working with for the past few months. I think I need to get out of this habit and just take photographs of what I want when I want  no matter if I feel like I am ‘wasting’ my film because really you can never waste a film because you never know what you can capture!

Click the link below to view my video…



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