Record a personal story to share with the group.

You should speak your story in person and it’s telling should last approx. 2 minutes (if you prefer to record and publish in advance, that’s fine, otherwise it’s delivered live in session and stays within the closed group).

You should especially consider your choice of story/subject, your audience and your verbal delivery – in terms of your script, language, pace and intonation. No accompanying soundscape.

No pictures. Just a story.


When I was around 9 years old in my second final year of primary school my parents sat both me and my brother down and asked us…what do you feel about moving to Portugal, would you like to move over there the following year, starting secondary school abroad? I remember feeling excitement at the thought of living in a hot sunny country it brought a huge smile to my face, until I realized I wouldn’t be around my best friends anymore, I asked what about Megan and Greta, what about going into secondary with all my friends like I had planned? I would miss them all. I started having second thoughts; me sat all alone in a new school, a new house…a new country. Would I make new friends? Would I still see my friends form England? A wave of emotions came over me in the weeks to come. That summer we went over to Portugal like usual to visit my family we also went house viewing, we saw a shell of a house and my parents told me we were going most likely going to move into it but it was still being built, I was excited to designed my room exactly how I wanted. A vivid memory I have of that summer was going out for a nice meal one evening, sat on the balcony, the sun setting beautifully on the beach, I could smell the sea hear the waves and hear all the tourists laughing and chatting. I turned around and said to my dad, I will only move country if we have a pool in our garden and both him and my mum laughed as my brother agreed with me. So it was settled we were moving abroad! It was the best decision my parents made for both me and my brother and I will always be thankful to them for letting me experience such a fun filled growing up in my beautiful country and experience my culture first hand.


3 thoughts on “#Phonar – Task 3; Spoken Narrative

  1. Lovely story Melissa. Narrated very well, it sounded as if you were smiling nearer the end as you got more and more into the conclusion. You’ve made it very easy to relate to without needing to have gone through a similar predicament & without needing a story of sorrow.

  2. This story instantly shouts, ‘this is me!’ and i love that. You’re personality shines through and its great to see that you can portray that in such a short space of time. Well done Melissa

  3. I love the simplicity of this narrative and the transition you went through: being reluctant to really appreciating the move! It evidences a poignant moment of change in your life, which everyone could relate to. Your voice has character and vibrancy, which I enjoyed, it wasn’t a rigid re-telling of the event, more happy and animated.

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