Annie Leibovitz - photographs 1970 - 1990Annie Leibovitz – photographs 1970 – 1990

I chose this book because it is a book I always go back too and enjoy taking time to look through it once in a while. The fact that there are published and unpublished work inside as well appeal to me. There are old black and white work that included family photographs that are ‘touch stones for everything else she has done’.

The way this book came about being published was after her first major exhibit in 1983. The way the images are laid out in the book is in a variety of ways some pages contain several images and others just one photograph. Some images also have titles and dates where as others do not and you can find their titles are years at the back of the book where they are all listed.

I was first was drawn to Leibovitz because of her fashion work and her iconic work with the Rolling Stones and I still love looking back at all these photographs but now I find myself looking at her photographs more because of my love for the work not because I specifically take fashion inspiration from her like back when I was in school. I really enjoy looking at the documentary style work in the book now as that is more the direction I am heading within photography and enjoy

One of my favorite images is on page 82 called the Rolling Stones, on the road 1975

In 1975 she accompanied the Rolling Stones on a long American tour, documenting the band’s life on the road and producing a number of photographs that received wide public attention. These are one of my favorite sets of images that Leibovitz produced.

Another favorite image would be on page 39 titles holiday inn, rolling stone 10th anniversary issue, December 15, 1997.  Another from her Rolling Stone set.

Leibovitz will be one of my favorite photographers who I will continuously look back into her work because of the pure fact I enjoy taking time to re visit her photographs and be inspired by an amazing photographer.


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