Using only found images (ie images from family albums and local library archives, not published in magazines) research and construct a photo-artefact/story that weaves a narrative linking the people depicted within.

Development : Build and include a soundscape relevant to your story. Include personal stories from the subjects depicted.

I decided to do this weeks task on my Tio (uncle) Jorge. I was really young when he passed away but I always have great memories of looking through old family albums and seeing photographs of him away in the army. I chose to include only photographs of him away in Mozambique to show part of his story away there. I decided to use this specific sound track because it is typical Portuguese music, Fado and thought it fitted in quite nicely. I didn’t really want to speak over my images but in-fact just write a short piece on it and just include a soundscape to go with it.


Tio Jorge joined the army in Lisbon on 14th March 1968 and was then called to go to Mozambique on 16th September 1969. He returned to Portugal on 4th October 1971 from the Army.

My uncle passed away when I was only young around 4 years old and the only memory I have of him was when I went to visit him whilst he was in hospital suffering from cancer. I was standing at the end of his bed and he couldn’t really remember who I was. It makes me sad knowing I didn’t get to grow up knowing my uncle but I enjoy taking time listening to stories about him that my mum tells me as well as looking at his old photographs especially the ones of him away in the army.

All these photos were taken from his time in Mozambique .

Tio Jorge começou na tropa em Lisboa dia 14 Março 1968 e depois foi chamado para Moçambique no dia 16 Setembro 1969. Voltou da tropa para Portugal no dia 4 Outubro 1971.

Meu tio faleceu quando eu era jovem, tinha apenas 4 anos de idade e umas das  únicas lembrança que tenho dele foi quando eu fui visitá-lo enquanto ele estava no hospital sofrendo de cancaro. Eu estava de pé ao lado da cama dele e ele não me reconheceu. Isto deixam triste que eu não crescei a saber o meu tio melhor, mas eu gosto de tirar  tempo para ouvir histórias sobre ele que minha mãe me diz e tambem olhar para as fotografias dele antigas, especialmente as fotografia dele na tropa.

Todas estas fotografias foram tiradas em Moçambique.


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