#Phonar – collaboration / family archives

collaboration / family archives

  1. #Phonar #SD collaboration is so important / colaboração é tão importante
  2. #phonar “Each person has a different relationship with the photographer or with the people with whom you produce the body of work”
  3. #phonar #sd authorship of process is part of photographer, but power of image is that of the participant.
  4. #phonar #SD talks about #viewpoint: viewer must take an active role to accept the prints: physically and mentally
  5. #phonar #SD as photographer, you are taking something from somebody
  6. #phonar #sd as a photographer your model is looking at you just as much as you’re looking at them
  7. #Phonar we don’t take photographs of things we consider to be unacceptable
  8. #phonar #SD there are some things missing from family albums,we dont take photographs of the things we consider unacceptable to be retained
  9. View point – important to claim the role of photographer when having a clear vision of what you want #phonar

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