My avô (granddad) served as part of the Portuguese military. He was sent out to Angola in November of 1962 and returned in October 1963. He served as a ‘soldado’ (private) with his serving number 29860.

Avô travelled over several parts of Angola in the year he spend over there serving, the places/towns he spend time in were;

  • Luanda
  • Lobito
  • Nova Lisboa
  • Vila Salazar
  • Cabinda
  • Negage
  • Songo
  • Gabela.

Avô never really talks about his time away which is what has really intrigued me to find out more about it. I have managed to get a hold of one of his photo albums from Portugal as my parents recently went over there and I asked them to bring it over to me. I really enjoyed looking through all these old photographs of him and everyone he spent time with at the army. They are all really interesting to look at and even to touch, because they are so old they have a certain smell and feel to them which makes them all that more interesting as well as precious.

For #Phonar I am hoping to look into Angola back then and how Angola is now, especially the places where my avô spent time. I am thinking of using his images and joining them into google images as well as other media aspects I can find online about the war and Angola.


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