Jon Rafman is one of the several photographers who is using Google not just as a maps navigation tool but a way of working with modern day ‘photography’. Rafman spents hours going through hundreds of thousands of Google’s Street View images to find snapshots of weird unexpected moments happening across the world. His images have now been published into a book with all the images he has collected together from his searches.

I really enjoy looking through Rafman’s work as it really intrigues me to think he actually must sit down for hours in end trying to find all these interesting pictures from all over the world. All the photos are so fascinating and bazaar that it makes you just want to keep on looking at more of his work, even to go onto Google yourself and find your own ‘Rafman’ type images.

View more images here

JonRafman1 JonRafman2 JonRafman3

I know there have been some controversy with work such as this, using google images as your own…are they really your own images? This caused some issues with Michael Wolf in his body of work ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’.

“With the camera in front of the screen, he gets his images out of the automatically generated, authorless Google screens,”

Click here to read what happened…

The reason why these bodies of work attracted me was because of the fact I am thinking of using google maps/street view for my #phonar project. I am thinking of combining old photographs from my granddads family album with current photos that I find/make from Google. I have decided to take this approach to my project as I think it will work well mixing both old and current images of Angola, how it was and now it is now.


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