Moving on from my last post I have gone on to try and research Angola via street view on Google but this feature isn’t available in Angola yet, only photographs that the public have uploaded of the country. Although it is quite a long task going through the photos as there are hundreds of them it is really interesting to see them. I have noticed there are some real beautiful images and then some which dont look as pleasant. I have just been looking at Luanda, the capital of Angola. Luanda is by the sea so there are some nice parts which look quite touristy and built up but then there are some images which are seen as other wise.

I am going to be researching into more depth all the other parts of Angola that my granddad spent time in to try and find as much information photographically from there now. I will be focusing mainly only images but also want to look into currently videos of the country although I do not have any access to video footage  of my granddad at the moment maybe in a project to follow I can also combine this in.


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