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Ian Macdonald by Jamie Macdonald

#Phonar session 8: Pt1 Ian Macdonald by Jamie Macdonald

This week’s Guest Feature builds both on the way we’ve been experiencing the classes so far and on the subject matter. We’ve considered storytelling in various guises , telling our stories and those of other people but this week there are two subjects and two practices but only one film.

The movie is about the Photographer Ian Macdonald but the movie is made by his son, the photographer/curator and now film-maker Jamie Macdonald. So its kind of a pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time exercise



  • photography is a naive activity
  • If you believe in something & you’re in that environment, you will react & as photo-storytellers
  • we respond visually
  • when you make a photograph you have to put yourself out there, go out into the world and you will get a response

– I really like the visuals of this film, it has actually really inspired me for visuals for my photos film. The sounds goes really well with what we are seeing it helps the audience stay in tune with watching the film.


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