I managed to get a hold of my granddads old war photos of when he was over in Angola, my parents bought them over for me luckily when they went over there last month. These are the images I have been studying and working on throughout the end half of this module. I have really enjoyed going through these photographs as I had never seen them before up until now! My avô never really talks about the war which makes it more interesting as I feel he has many stories to tell (maybe something for a bigger project!). I need to get a hold of a scanner so that I can upload better quality of these photographs up.

Even the album they are in feels really precious and it has that old smell to it as do the photographs. Some of them have numbers written on the back of them or the date they were taken. I can imagine this was my gran who wrote on them knowing her! I really would love to talk to my avô personally about these but him living in portugal is a bit hard, but like I said maybe something for a bigger project in the future!


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