This morning I scanned in my Avôs photos from him album, there were quite a few photographs so I only scanned in some of my favourites and the ones that I want to include in my photo film.

I find these photographs really precious and even more so after I found a note on the back of one of them from my granddad to my gran back in portugal from when he was still in Angola.

What I find interesting about this whole album is the fact of…who took these photographs? This is a question which I would like to ask my avô and see if he knows the answer to it. Also how was he able to get all these photographs, did he know the photographer? This is something I will further explore in my exit module as I want to carry on with this project.

I am hoping to go over to Portugal next year to speak to my avô and avo (granddad and grandma) to find out more about the colonial war and the time they spent apart as well as I think this is an interesting part to go into, as I know my avo stayed in portugal whilst my avô was sent away to Angola and also what happened after as they both ended up in england.

Some of the photographs aren’t developed properly and are very gray or have lines down it but I didn’t want to edit them in photoshop as I didn’t want to take away their originality even thought some aren’t the clearest to see.


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