In the 1500s Portugal colonized a number of countries in Africa but in the 20th century it came under pressure by guerrilla groups and independence movements to release its colonies although Portugal’s dictator Salazar didn’t want to allow this thus the Portuguese Colonial War of the 1960s started. These countries gained independence from Portugal in 1975.

Back then all the men in Portugal were forced to go serve in the military, they didn’t have a choice they all had to go, even now if you are not in education or have a job you have to join. Antonio was sent over to Angola to serve his time in the army. Antonio was really affected by the war as he saw some of his friends lose their lives fighting for their country. This changed and shaped him as a person.

For my #Phonar project I wanted to look into family archives and when my parents brought back one of my granddads photo albums I instantly was inspired to do my project on him as I had never really seen any of these photographs before. I will be presenting my work in a photo film as well as my granddads photo album as a physical artifact.


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