Now that #Phonar has come to an end I am happy to say that I am actually proud and pleased with what I have produced for this module. I started off not really knowing what I wanted to do and only had a slight direction in which I knew I wanted to go and throughout these past weeks I have learnt and developed my ideas and skills into producing a body of work that I am glad to present.

I learnt in the first  and second week how adding sounds to your images really gives the audience a better understanding of what you are showing them. I actually had never really tried this before and became really interesting in this concept. In fact I now really enjoy having sounds to go along side my images as I feel it brings them more to ‘life’ as to speak and it makes the audience feel more involved in the work. In week 3 I got to do something I have never done before, telling a story just through spoken words…I found this quite tricky but very useful and helpful as I had to make sure I described what I wanted people to visualise, this helped me with my own work and also how to convey a message to a specific audience without the use of images. Week four is where I really found my feet in what I wanted to do. I had to create an artefact with only found images, this is where I began to realise what I really wanted to do for my #Phonar project.

Coming into #Phonar I knew I wanted to look into family albums and archives but knew this would be a hard task as the majority of my family albums were in Portugal but I had the opportunity to get my parents to bring over some photographs from when they went over a month or two ago. Within the photographs they brought back they also brought back my granddads war time photo album, which I had never actually seen before. I was fascinated with all the photographs in there and wanted to ask my granddad so many questions, which I couldn’t as he lives in Portugal, which was frustrating. After doing my 4th #Phonar task on my uncle and the time he spent in Mozambique in the war I really enjoyed doing that mini task and gained more inspiration to do a bigger task, post photographic portrait, on my granddad and his time serving.

I decided to do a photo film and what a better way of using all the new knowledge I have gained throughout this module to the test! As I had learnt a lot of about sourcing work, remixing and different ways of story telling, I knew I wanted to put this all into good practice! For my film I sourced all my videos using creative commons as well as my sound track, minus the narrating parts where I got a colleague to narrate the beginning of my film and also my granddad to read out what he had written on the back of a photo I had used. All the photographs used in my photo film were all from the family photo album that I have been working with for the past four weeks.

This #Phonar project is only the beginnings to a much larger project I have in mind which I am hoping to do for my exit/degree show module next term! I am planning on going over to my grandparents house in portugal and filming and shooting out there to create a larger body of work fit enough to be exhibited.

From getting feedback from my peers I found it really helpful in order to now knowing what I would  change within my photofilm. At the beginning where I have the text coming up with it being narrated I think it may have been best to not have any writing just have it in Portuguese and have the narrating in English. Also within narration I think I should have added more clips of my granddad speaking but I feel as if I didn’t have enough time to do this as I only managed to speak to him on Sunday, but this is something to think about for my future project. In regards to my pitch I think I didn’t speak clear and slow enough as I was nervous but this is something for me to work on. As well as that maybe I shouldn’t have revealed that who I was doing my project on was my granddad and just let it be revealed during the photofilm. Apart from all these points I am happy with my presentation.

Evaluation - photo film


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