Miley Cyrus and her recent photo shoots in 2013 have been anything but revealing, she is showing the world a new side to her and definitely letting everyone know how sexy she is! Miley isn’t afraid of showing a little too much skin…of twerking in front of millions of views…nothing fazes this girl!

In comparison to the shoots she used to do whilst she was still under the Disney label compared to now there is such a drastic change. She has suddenly gone form looking like a sweet innocent girl to a overly sexualised icon.

Miley recently posed for the cover of Rolling Stones magazine causing come controversy…as usual! The image is of Miley naked in a pool only her arms covering her boobs, make up smudged all under her eyes with her recently famous sticking out tongue with the words ‘Good Golly Miss Miley’ printed on the left side of her. Even the magazine is emphasising on how sexual she has become and looking on this raunchy cover by saying ‘good golly’ as if to say, oh my look at you know Miley!

RollingStone1 RollingStone2 RollingStone3

Although Miley and her PR working behind her know exactly how to get her noticed and how to shock the public with all these crazy moves but is she also losing fans because of this? Do all of her original fans who followed her from her fame rise in Disney still look up to her as a role model…have they grown up with her and experimenting with her style like her too? Are they now taking inspiration from this look and wanting to be the same or have they completely gone off this twerkaholic fame loving girl?

This has been the case with several child stars…is this a phase that all disney and child stars go through? A lot of them seem to have gone through a drast image change during their early 20s!


Britney was a mere 17 when this cover was released back in 1999. According to Rolling Stone: “Photographer David LaChapelle vividly recalls the late night shoot when Britney stripped down to her underwear until her shocked manager walked into the room. He demanded to know what was going on. ‘She went, ‘Yeah, I don’t feel comfortable,’’ says the photographer. ‘At first I felt betrayed. But as soon as he walked out, Britney said ‘Lock the door’ and unbuttoned her shirt wide open.’”


Christina Aguilera created a stir by covering herself only with a guitar back in 2002.

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