Hannah Montana

It all started with a haircut.

With the shearing of Miley Cyrus’ perfectly coiffed long hair, so went her squeaky clean “Hannah Montana” image.

Since the chopping of her hair, Cyrus released racy music videos, hosted “SNL” with her tongue out, and smoked a joint while accepting an award on-stage. And who can forget when the nearly naked singer twerked alongside Robin Thicke during the most talked about MTV Video Music Awards performance of all time, inspiring the most popular Halloween costume of the year?

Needless to say, 2013 is the year Miley Cyrus effectively killed her “Hannah Montana” character.

–  http://www.businessinsider.com/miley-cyrus-is-a-marketing-genius-2013-12

This online article talks about how the change from Hannah Montana to Miley Cyrus could all be part of a larger plan…a genius marketing plan from her and the team behind Miley! Pop stars like Miley and Justin Bieber want to break their mould of their good two shoes image and creat brand new ones that ‘fit the desiers of their changing audiences’. They are both trying to create these new looks with all the crazy and extravagant behaviour they have been portraying in the media the last year.

“It’s a rite of passage, particularly with these Disney girls. They seem to want to say ‘hey, I’m not that little kid anymore, I’m a grown up lady,'” Bragman explained to Business Insider.

“Effectively she killed Hannah Montana [at the VMAS],” says Bragman. “Long live Miley Cyrus, I think that was the message.”

The veteran Hollywood publicist further explains, “I understand it from a psychological point of view and a marketing point of view.”

“From a psychological point of view, everyone tells Miley that they loved her as Hannah Montana and I’m sure she wants to throw up,” he explains bluntly. “From a marketing point of view, these artists want to carry their audience with them — which is hard to do. It’s easy to be hot for a while but in music in particular, it’s hard to keep that going.”

–  http://www.businessinsider.com/miley-cyrus-is-a-marketing-genius-2013-12#ixzz2r2q1nRsp

This exert above that I have taken from this article basically explains how Miley killed her Hannah Montanna persona and Bragman explains it in through a psychological and marketing point of view. He explains how Miley may feel sick when people mention to her how they loves her as Hannah but she also knows that Miley Cyrus persona was brought on because of her first rise to fame as a Disney star. He also explain how she wants to carry her audience with her which is a hard thing to do as she had so drastically changed her whole look from hair, to music, to attitude and style that her old fan base were probably young girlie girls and now they probably dont look up to her as much because of the drastic change that she went through.

Following on from this and her drastic change there has been many parents who are not happy with their children looking up to Miley Cyrus as their role models now because of all the controversy she has caused in the past year of 2013. There has been a few open letter written to Miley and especially one from a mother to her daughter actually which talks about Miley in it and was circulated over the internet (will do a follow up blog post to this).

This article is quite smart as it captivated its audience with it first line of ‘it all started with a haircut’ and essentially that is what this whole Miley Cyrus ‘explosion’ came from, from when she cut her lovely long locks off and got a short boy cut! It shocked the media world and all her fan base. She got a lot of press from it, which she knew she would…a great start to the changing and growing up and out of the Hannah Montana name.

Miley Cyrus


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