As I have been researching into a lot of different things under the umbrella of ‘celebrity role models as constructed through the media and child stars development and their influence upon their fan’ I have decided I need to make a basic structure of what I really want to talk about during my presentation and in what order. This is just a rough plan which will most likely change in a week or two depending on the research I carry on with but I felt like I needed to clear my head and make some sort of plan to mark out what I will talk about.



Child stars as role models constructed through the media – their effect on their fans through their rise and fall through during fame

Topics to talk about:

– What is a role model?


show pictures of celebrities (good & bad role models)

– Why do we idolise celebrities?

pictures of tweets from fans idolising their celebs

theory behind idolisation

– Media representation, how they construct celebrities through marking, music videos, lyrics, performances, interviews, magazine covers…etc.

Examples of Miley, Britney, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber how they market and promote themselves through music videos, adverts, certain things they do e.g. Miley smoking a spiff at the VMA

– Development of a child star, the effect it has on them personally and on their fans

Celebrities to talk about refer to blog post; Fallen Disney Stars: The Scandalous Pasts of Former Child Actors

– Quick look into what parents think of certain child starts now and then

Mothers letter to daughter about not idolising Miley Cyrus

Polls taken online

Topics to discuss but not in depth:

– Being popular

why liking sand acting like a certain celeb helps them to be ‘cool’ in school/socially

If a new album or song comes out you want to get it straight away so that you can be in moment withe everyone else, I even do that

– Power and influence over fans

Justin Biebers fans ‘die hard’ fans…’bieleiber’ and same for other celebrities name their fan base

– Girls idolising male celebrities (“provide them with fantasies of (hetrosexual) romance ‘without the hassle of a relationship or the monotony or marriage’)

Who I’m looking at:

– Disney child stars such as; Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Lindsey Lohan, Adrienne Bailon

– Justin Bieber

– Parents

– Fans


– Overall effects of idolising celebrities (both positive and negative)


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