“Becoming a belieber was the best decision I’ve ever made ♥”

I am looking into the online influence that celebrities have on their fans. One particular celebrity that came to my mind straight away was Justin Bieber. Just from watching programmes, being online myself and watching the news even I have come to realise how intense these fans are! – really full on!

Justin Bieber’s fans even call themselves belieber’sThey are a ‘family’ according to them who all love and support their favourite celebrity idol. I think it is amazing how these fans have in some ways made a cult out of this…they all worship one thing so have decided to group together to show their love and support for him and I guess they know they will get noticed like that if theres thousands of them whereas if it was just one single person constantly trying to get his attention there is less of a chance.


I went online onto Twitter to do some investigating into his tweets and how many followers etc he had…a staggering 49.2 million followers! – crazy right?!

Justin Bieber Twitter 1

I started reading his tweets and viewing how many retweets and replies he got…a lot as well! Then I stumbled upon some more interesting tweets that weren’t just promoting himself. He was retweeting his belieber’s tweets…this is what obviously gives these fans hope that he doesn’t pay them attention and does care about them.

Although there are some really nice tweets and replies on his page there are also a lot of arguments between belieber’s and people who are not fans of him. – These were quite socking to see

Justin Bieber Twitter 1

Some of these comments are really serious and taken to heart. belieber are actually taking hate against him personally as if they NEED to defend him constant against haters. Fans are also showing obsession to another level for instance Justin Bieber span from his hotel balcony down at his fans and of course ‘normal’ people thought this was outrageous but belieber’s thought this was just amazing and were even commenting saying they had wished he had spat on them!!! – I don’t understand the logic!

I read this blog post written by a father about this incident and although it is a bit of a rant it doesn’t make sense, click the link below to read more…this is just the first two paragraphs from his blog….

So I was reading The Sun (Britain’s most hilarious newspaper) at work last night, and who was on the front page but Canada’s greatest war crime, Justin Beiber. Not content with pissing in mop buckets and yelling about an American President who was more than likely before his time anyway, it seems that he was bragging about spitting at his horde fans from his hotel balcony.

This is just unacceptable. I do not know why the little prick thought it would be a bit of a giggle to spit on those that keep him in stupidly baggy trousers (stuff that I would not wear even though I’m a bit of a baggy myself) and other doucheware by buying his shitty records and his crappy merchandise, is he trying to be more edgy? As I don’t think that even the Sex Pistols spat on the fans, and they were MEANT to be edgy.

–  The Nature Of Obsession: Or Why Being A Belieber Should Be Classed As A Mental Illness 

I personally think that the whole belieber situation is out of control these young girls are lusting over this ridiculously famous boy who most likely will never have any contact with these girls yet they are devoting their lives to him? Why would you want to do that…the hope you have that he will, the fact you want or need someone to look up too, the fact you just really fancy the pants of him or maybe that you just like his music?

I am going to be looking into more die hard fans and how they act towards their favourite celebrity and try figure out why there is such a fascination with these celebrity pet names for their fans and why their fans are so obsessed.

Other points to look into:

– Justin Bieber’s arrest

– Justin Bieber deportation and the petition

– Fans ‘cut for Bieber’ because he started smoking weed

– sex with models in hotel rooms, pictures leaking


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