Role Model: a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated.

role model definition

I am looking into what a role model actually is so thought the best way to start this investigation is by simply goggling ‘what is a role model’ and the above image and text is in simple what it is, someone who is look upon by others as an example.

As I am looking into how celebrities are role models to their fans through out their careers I decided to google ‘what is a celebrity role model’ I came across a few articles and interesting pages but one stood out to me it was on the thecelebritycafe.com and it talks about should we really be making celebrities our role models when in fact that isn’t actually their job?

Would it be great if all celebrities use their fame to live perfect lives and influence others to be great? Yes. However, it isn’t their job to be role models. Sure, their jobs put them in the public eye and they should use every chance to help the world but people aren’t perfect.

If we are going to make one celebrity a role model, shouldn’t that standard fall to all of them? Is it fair to condemn Miley Cyrus for ‘twerking’ at the VMAs when Lady Gaga danced half-naked at the same awards show? And can we name one celebrity “role model” who hasn’t made a mistake?


You can read more of the article on the link above, it does have some very fair points, on of which is “…However, celebrities aren’t there to help. Role models should be in the community — nurses, firefighters, parents, people who actually do help should be the role models.”  This is actually quite a valid statement, why do we idolise celebrities so much when in fact this is not their job to be out role models and act ‘perfectly’ all the time just because they are in the public eye. Yes Miley Cyrus has gone a bit crazy and everyone is slandering her but at the end of the day she is only a 20 year old trying to grow up into her own and probably is still trying to find herself. Our children’s role models should be people in the societally who are actually out there to help and protect everyone like said in the article, nurses, parents, police etc. Unfortunately the majority of children of this generation do not look up to these ‘heroes’ of our society but to celebrities that they have been following for the majority of their life.

As I said before the fact of Miley growing up and become into her own and being pressured into being such a huge public figure…should she feel pressurised into being a role model for all her younger fans who have followed her since her Hannah Montana days? Same goes for celebrities such as Justin Bieber should we really be slandering him for going to strip clubs because in all honestly a lot of people our age have gone to strip clubs, I know for a fact my friends and many people I know have gone either because they enjoy it or just because of curiosity but they have gone. Should we really be going crazy over his personal sexual life and what he enjoys doing in his spare time?

To the same extent I don’t agree when I see certain photos of  Justin Bieber bitting strippers nipples all over the internet. I don’t think that this is appropriate behaviour when he does know he is so much in the public eye and know that this kind of photograph will come out and be public, why would he let such image be taken?

Justin Bieber Stripper

This image definitely does not fall into the definition of a role model of ‘a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated’ I’m sure parents would not want their kids to look at this as an example of an act to imitated by their children. This also bring ups the question of Bieber has recently been in the press a lot after getting arrested ‘who was at the wheel of a rented yellow Lamborghini, was arrested at 4.19am on Thursday morning and charged with driving under the influence, driving with an expired licence and  resisting arrest “without violence”’ [http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/news/justin-bieber-arrested-on-suspicion-of-dui-and-drag-racing-in-miami-9080201.html]

Bieber is also having to worry about being deported back to his home country of Canada after many American citizen have had enough of his reckless behaviour in their country…

Almost 50,000 have signed an online petition are begging the White House to instruct the deportation of the troubled star back to his home country of Canada following his recent arrest and slew of other controversies.

“We the people of the United States feel that we are being wrongly represented in the world of pop culture,” the petition’s creator, Detroit resident J.M wrote in a potentially accusing statement.

– http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/news/justin-bieber-arrested-on-suspicion-of-dui-and-drag-racing-in-miami-9080201.html

“We the people of the United States feel that we are being wrongly represented in the world of pop culture” “He is not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nation’s youth. We the people would like to remove Justin Bieber from our society.” these two quotes really stood out to me as many people (50,000 so far) have actually signed a petition for him to be deported and they do actually believe that he is tarnishing their country by being a bad influence on the younger generation and the fact that he is wrongly representing the world of pop culture by all of his actions, such as getting arrested etc.

So overall who should as parents classify as a role model for their children/who should we as a younger generation really be looking up too as our idols? Can and should we really judge what teenagers although extremely famous are doing just because they are in the public eye?


2 thoughts on “What is a role model?

  1. This is a very inspiring piece of writing. It really sums up how celebrities in the modern day are viewed by their fans and other members of the public and how they can be criticised for something that a normal person may not be criticised for just because they are in the spot light. Well done.


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