Photoshopping, digital alteration, image manipulation, blah blah blah. Everyone talks about the fact that so many images of women are “perfected” with the help of technology, but do we really understand how serious this issue is? Like exactly HOW MUCH these photos are manipulated and changed to fit some seriously un-human and unrealistic ideals that we view over and over again? And do we understand that it isn’t just fashion magazine covers that feature photoshopped images? It’s everywhere.

– http://www.beautyredefined.net/photoshopping-altering-images-and-our-minds/

Photoshopping has become a normal part of our advertising and fashion industry, everywhere we look and see adverts that feature models they are more times than not digitally manipulated. Models and celebrities are being manipulated not only for slimming purposes but also for beauty. All forms of digital manipulation takes place, for example…eye enlarging, slimming and heightening of the cheek bones, elongating necks, plumping up lips, volumizing hair etc. There is so much now that can be done digitally that once an image has gone into this ‘process’ and by the time it comes out it looks nothing like the original!

An example of this is the dove beauty video. As you can see in the video below how much an image can be manipulated and come out looking completely different, its actually crazy to watch!

The issue with this is that younger girls are looking up to these advertisement and seeing their role models in advertisement and in magazines looking so flawless but are not realising that this is not a true representation of them….they have all been digitally manipulated through the process of photoshop in order to make them look their best! you can see this in the images below from magazine covers. I found the Kourtney Kardashian one the most shocking as they actually made her look as if she had not given birth just a week ago…it is natural to look bigger after having a child so why would they slim her down so drastically as if to say she doesn’t look nice with a baby bump?!

Digitally manipulating images like this really does affect younger girls and even older girls and women in their 20/30s if not even older. They see girls and women on the front of magazine covers looking flawless and believe that they really look like this. this links in with my research as girls are looking up to certain celebrities as their role models therefor they will look at them on magazine covers, advertisements, photoshoots, music videos…where all of these are using manipulation to make them all look their best even if it involves completely changing them, i.e making them slimmer, bigger boobs, longer legs etc. These girls are idolising a false image, on top of corporations influencing these celebrities they are also being digitally manipulated.

Sometimes advertisement are actually banned from being shown because they have been manipulated so much that what they are selling is being shown in such a false way that it is unacceptable to be show. The ASA have banned quite a few beauty adverts one including the L’Oreal  advertisement featuring the actress Julia Roberts because her face looked so flawless in it and it was falsely representing her and the product that was being sold. This just shows the shocking ways of the industry and how they try show such perfection to their audiences but it has just gotten so out of control. This has been happening for a few years but has become more popular within the past few years since photoshop came around.


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