I have been lucky enough to be able to come over to Portugal to further my research into my project about the war. Before coming out here I wanted to mainly focus on my grandfather and his time spend in Angola but during my time here I have found myself drifting off into more of a research side of it. I didn’t expect to be allowed into the Army base in the city of Viseu but once I got there they were very friendly and and solider told me and my grandfather around the grounds. I photographed and filmed throughout the time in there. This was where my grandfather was based in Portugal before being moved around and where his 50 year anniversary serving with the army was held last year.

Because I went to the base on a Sunday the only people there were the soldiers guarding the front although one did take me around they told me to come back the next day so that I would be able to see more of the area. I went back the following day on Monday and managed to speak to the highest ranking commander there where he explained to me all about the base and went on to show me their ‘museum’ of their items from wars, where they kept their weapons, hats, flags etc. He started talking to my grandfather about his time in Angola and went on to show us the area specific to that war at the exact time he was there serving. I voice recorded all of it as as well as photographing and filming it all.

The commander was extremely helpful and even emailed me documents and photographs to do with my project. I asked about maybe being able to exhibit my work once I leave university and he sounded very interested in me being my work over for them to show there.


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