In England it is a lot easier to find out and research about your family history in the war, as one google search lead me straight to the website where I need to look, I just enter a family members name who was serving for Britain and then their website does the rest for you!

this is just one website where you can search from 1914-1920


Another website that I found was really good to look at family archives from british soldiers was;


This website is actually really fascinating as they have so much information on archives in it. They have things such as ‘Operation War Diary is an exciting new crowdsourcing project – help us to unlock the data in our war diaries.’ this is such a fantastic way of finding out more information about these wonderful diaries that were kept from war, just like my grandfathers one!

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 13.44.59

Ive been trying to find a similar website for the portuguese colonial war and have found a archival website for the colonial war


Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 14.22.34

This website actually has a lot of archived information about the colonial war and specific peoples archive which they have kept. This is an idea for me where I may potentially like to talk to one of these websites and see once I have finished with my project if they are interested in me showcasing my work online or even creating my own archive about my granddads time.


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Casa Comum . (2014). Arquivos E Memoria . Available: http://casacomum.org/cc/. Last accessed 27.03.2014.


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