Ups & Downs of my time there;

I feel like I had a really worth while trip out to Portugal to gather more research, images, film and sound recordings but I also had quite a tough time out there. I got really ill whilst I was out in Portugal and had to be put on a drip and bed rest for two days so I really lost out on precious time photographing etc. As well as that my grandmother fell extremely ill and I had to make sure she was okay as she is of an  elder age and was admitted  to hospital, so that made everything even more stressful!

One thing I really found difficult was not having an assistant with me, although of course for this project it wasnt exactly viable to have taken one with me but I did find it extremely difficult working without one. When I was trying to photograph, video record and make sound recordings all at the same time as well as just listening in and taking notes I just wasn’t physically capable of doing all this by myself. This got quite frustrating at some points as I feel I could have gotten better/more footage and sound recordings if I had a helping hand but this is a very big learning curve and next time I have such a large project I will have to really consider getting an assistant to come along with me for help and support.

I am grateful I was able to have this opportunity to go over to Portugal to conduct research and photograph to help me with my project, I feel as if this will really help me with my work for my degree show. I have collected a lot of material to help me improve and create a more detailed photo film.

I feel that because of having this opportunity I have been able to understand the topic that I am working on from talking first hand to soldiers and commanders as well as being able to walk around the actual barracks that my grandfather trained and lived in back when he was in the army. I actually feel quite previlaliged to have been graunted premission to go into the barracks as I never thought that I would have been allowed.

One really great thing that happned whilst I was out there was that fact that the highest command from the barracks said that I was allowed to present my final work out there in the army base! I felt really preivallged to be allowed to do this as of course this is a very important place in Portugal and hopefully by having my work shown in there wil draw attention to it as well as helping me get my name out there in the public for when I leave university in June.



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