I have known I want to create a split screen short photo film for my project and I had already experimented with this within my phonar final piece. I have been trying to find inspiration for this and came across a few bodies of work which really appealed to me.

First of all Working Void by Aaron Guy. I was shown this last year by one of my tutors and it has always appealed to me and a stunning and engaging piece of work. Its just under 16 minutes long and is based off two screens; each that play simultaneously. In a way this makes it hard to watch each side of the video as they are playing different images at the exact same time. Working Void shows a good way of using multimedia as it is present in a video and book form from which you can look at the work.

I find the concept of this photofilm interesting as it plays you have to engage with both screens, although the moving image isnt that fast it is still hard to concentrate on each side of the screen. I would like to create a photofilm like this one where each side is of slow movements so that the audience doesn’t feel the need to keep up with the film.

The second body of work is Paradox by Poppy. This is a body of work about the use of heroine. It is in a form of a book but the exhibition piece is many split screens. I also like the idea of this and could see my project being many screens instead of just two in the way that her exhibition is set up. I find the way that the images are almost see through fascinating as well as them over lapping each other slightly. I would love to do something like this for my exhibition but I don’t think I would have enough space to do it in the location that we are doing it in as I am imagining it on a large scale, large images which would have to be projected with several projectors, which also may be a technical issue.



Kummer & Herrman.. (2013). POPPY WINS BRONZE MEDAL EUROPEAN DESIGN AWARDS 2013. Available: http://www.paradox.nl/paradox/cms/cms_module/index.php?obj_id=4415&year=2013. Last accessed 03.04.2014.



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