For my exhibition I know I want to present in video form, well some of my work anyway! I have usually edited simply on IMovie but have been wanting to get Final Cut Pro or Premier Pro on my mac for a while so that I could start editing more in depth with effects etc. I have managed to get Premier Pro to work on but as I have never used this software I am finding it quite hard to use. I have been watching loads of youtube tutorials to help me figure my way around the programme. I am trying to sync a video clip and a sound track so that the sound is synced with the mouth movements, I have managed to do this. As well as that I have been trying to alter the sound levels and some parts are lower than others and I want all of the sound to be at the same level and not fluctuating between low and high.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 14.30.11One thing that I really want to do with editing my video is a split screen effect as this is how I want my photo film presented. I am having to watch a lot of tutorials about this so that I can get it right!

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 16.38.06Although it is annoying having to learn all this new software and techniques quite late into the year, I am lad that I am finally learning how to use this new programme and that I can take it with me once I lean university in June for my future. I do wish I had learnt how to use it earlier on in the year so that by now when I really need to know how to use it I would have known my way around it but I guess this is also a learning curve for me to just learn things as soon as I can and when I have the opportunity too!

I am hoping to get this photo film done within the next two-three weeks and hopefully I can use all the useful tools from premier pro to produce a professional photo film.




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