I have been thinking about how I should present my work in my exhibiton and how I want the public to view it. I have been thinking of several ways of what I want to create; i.e book, photo film, prints, website, essay etc. I am thinking of creating another photo film like the one I done for #Phonar.I also want to create photographs of my grandfathers prints and have 4 or 5 on the wall for the audiance to view as well as also having people view his album but I would want to have this in a protected acrylic box so that people could still see the photographs but not physcially touch them. I would also like to have a map showing all the places that my grandfather travelled during his time in Angola.

My grandfather wrote a diary whilst he was out there and I think that this would be an interesting addition to add into the exhbition as this is a personal item of his that he has kept since his time there. As well as that he made a cloth which he decorated with his friends whilst being out there which I would like to frame and hang up amongst my other artefacts and images or on another plinth in an acrylic box.

This is a rough layout that I have drawn out, just to get an idea. Excuse the appalling drawings.

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 14.59.41


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